Thu.14.MarTurbine Hall

HALVA . MUSAFIR (premiere/cd-presentation)

A Musical Exploration of Eastern Europe

Halva was founded by Nicolaas Cottenie in 2018. The idea behind Halva is that the cultures in Eastern Europe, Greece, the Balkans, and even the Middle East have a lot in common. Additionally, Halva aims to emphasize the positive aspects, the things that make people happy and joyful. One of the things that positively connects people is food. Hence, it became Halva: a sweet delicacy that has brought people with diverse cultural backgrounds together for many centuries.

The Halva ensemble seeks to unite people through music. Halva exclusively performs original compositions inspired by various Balkan styles, primarily Romanian, Bulgarian, and Greek. The music is fresh and contemporary, yet accessible to both novice and music enthusiasts. The program is highly diverse: Halva creates a wide spectrum of colors and atmospheres. It is energetic, vibrant music filled with joy of life, often inviting to dance, but also featuring occasional more serious, introspective moments. Trance elements follow fiery, breakneck dances.

With the third album and concert program, Halva introduces vocals for the first time. The group brings in Greek singer Andriana Achitzanova, a highly skilled vocalist with profound knowledge of Greek music. She writes the lyrics to Nicolaas Cottenie's music.

Musafir means 'guest' in Romanian, Greek, Turkish, and Arabic. Being each other's guest implies mutual respect, openness, and interest. A guest finds themselves in a vulnerable position - in a foreign land, they depend on hospitality. The fact that they are a guest also means they have found that hospitality, felt respect and openness. At the same time, they approach the other with respect and openness.

Musafir also has a broader meaning: it's an exploration of what it feels like to be a stranger somewhere (an experience almost all musicians on stage have personally felt), the feeling of being welcomed; the connection but also the loneliness; the adventure but also the vulnerability of a guest. These are all themes that are very relevant in today's world.

Halva is Nicolaas Cottenie (Violin), Alina Bauer (Violin), Eline Duerinck (Cello), Susi Evans (Clarinet), Robbe Kieckens (Percussion), Ira Shiran (Accordion) & Guest Musicians Muhittin Kemal (Kanun) & Andriana Achitzanova (Vocals & Ney)


Thursday 14 March 2024

Doors. 7:30 pm
Start . 8:00 pm

Presale: €18
Presale w/Uitpas, under 18 & groups of 10 or more: €15
At the door: €21
Reduced rate: €4.20

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