And what about Corona?

From September 1, our concerts/performances are freely accessible, without need of the Covid Safe Ticket. You must of course have a valid entrance ticket. Buy your tickets in advance to be safe; the max. capacity is limited to 200 people until 30 September. In principle, face masks are no longer mandatory. (*)

If all goes well, the capacity will be increased to a maximum of 500 people from October 1, again without application of the Covid Safe Ticket system. It is only possible that we switch to this system if policy changes. A possible transition to the Covid Save Ticket system can under no circumstances give rise to a refund of tickets already purchased

We will keep you informed.

For the most recent corona information, we would like to refer to the website of the Federal/Flemish government, the website of the City of Ghent and the Sector Guide Professional Arts.

(*) From 1 September, wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory in publicly accessible areas of companies, public authorities or associations and in the cultural, festive, sporting, recreational and event sector for events and private parties with less than 200 spectators inside and 400 spectators outside unless the local government decides otherwise.


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