progressive neo soul

(try-out concert)

Emy Kabore, born in Paris, is barely twenty-one, but this Ghent girl is already regarded as one of the greatest talents in Europe. With her unique voice and international progressive neo soul sound, Emy, together with the band that bears her name, is ready to conquer the world! Few artists set the bar so high, but the search for the perfect song and sound pays off: in the spring of 2020, the graceful debut single 'Freestyle' enchants all music-loving Belgium. Successor 'Inconvenient' takes it one step further and proves that eclectic and catchy go together perfectly. On both sides of the language border, the press and radio fall like a rock, and the ears are also pricked up outside the national borders. EMY targets heart, head and legs and rarely misses. The world has been warned!

Brian Bogaert (guitar)
Sander Huys (bass, synthesizer)
Anthe Huybrechts (synthesizer)
Thibault Goudket (percussion)