GENTERTAINMENT #05 ft. Maxime, Triple MB & Jame$

Cultural Learnings for Make Benefit Glorious City of Ghent

During this 5th edition of Gentertainment vzw Jong and De Centrale once again put a lot of talented young people in the spotlights next to headliners Maxime, Triple MB & Jame$.

Gentertainment uses music as a connecting factor to support and stimulate young Ghentians both artistically and socially.  Singing, rapping, producing, DJing or playing an instrument, ... whatever… . Gentertainment starts from a few simple questions: what are you interested in, where does your talent lie, what do you want to achieve as a musician/artist and what do you need to achieve your goal(s)?  The future will show the rest ... 


  • Maxime
  • TripleMB
  • Jam$
  • Youth VZW Young

Co-org. vzw Young and De Centrale