Wed.21.FebBasement (standing)

Guedra Guedra + Lavito + DJ Bear Bones Lay Low

* Cancelled * Elektrik B'zar . electrified vibes with a global touch

Guedra Guedra

Immerse yourself in the sonic journey crafted by Guedra Guedra, where tradition meets innovation, and let the beats of transport you to new realms of musical ecstasy.

Embark on a sonic journey with Guedra Guedra, the DJ/Producer unraveling the intricate tapestry of tribal rhythms from the past, while seamlessly weaving in dancefloor innovations from the contemporary underground.  At the helm of this creative exploration is Abdellah M. Hassak, a visionary based in Casablanca/Marrakech, who has spearheaded numerous projects driven by the ambition to delve into the rich tapestry of Moroccan and African ancestral rhythms and rituals.

Guedra Guedra's productions pulsate with the vibrant energy of high-octane tribal bass, coupled with a psychedelic essence that draws inspiration from the cadence and mystery of ancient rhythms. His deft production skills employ psychedelic textures, tempo-shifting polyrhythms, and a diverse array of field sound recordings. The result is a captivating synthesis of pan-African sensibility and a profound immersion in the traditional rhythms of North and West Africa, with a particular focus on the Berber culture that evokes images of human animalism.

Guedra Guedra's work represents a fusion of these diverse elements, creating a new musical energy and contemporary imprint that engages both the listener and the dancer alike. Immerse yourself in the unique soundscape crafted by Guedra Guedra, where tradition and innovation converge to create a compelling auditory experience.


Embarking on a meteoric rise, Lavito, aka David Van der Heyden, has transcended the average streaming stats of Belgian artists, solidifying his position in the music industry. Three years ago, Lavito made a decisive career shift, bidding farewell to his role as a banker just before the onset of the Corona pandemic. Reflecting on this pivotal decision, he affirms, "It was a long time coming, and to this day, I feel 100% good about it."

Hailing from Ghent, Lavito has already left an indelible mark on the media landscape with standout tracks for artists like Ian Thomas and Yung Mavu. Leveraging his international connections, he collaborated with the producers of Chris Brown, earning accolades such as an Emmy for his team's contribution to the music of "The Outlaw Ocean," a groundbreaking journalistic project. Lavito's recent venture into eco-friendly partnerships, notably with Wondr, a soap company, showcases his multifaceted talents. Lavito provided the brand with his signature soothing musical vibes.

Poised for a significant milestone, Lavito unveiled his debut solo EP 'Stardust in 2023.' This release was a captivating journey into Lavito's musical universe. Known for his diverse talents as a producer and performer, Lavito's dedication to music has proven fruitful, evident in gems like the addictive electronic pop song "Secrets." Solar synthesizers, infectious beats, and nostalgic vocals are just a glimpse of the musical feast that this artist and producer has to offer. Get ready to immerse yourself in Lavito's sonic odyssey and witness the evolution of a true musical maverick.

DJ Bear Bones Lay Low


Wednesday 21 February 2024

Unfortunately this concert has been cancelled

Doors + Warming up . 7:30 pm
Concert . 8:30 pm

Presale: €13
Presale w/Uitpas, under 18 & groups of 10 or more: €10
At the door: €16
Reduced rate: €3,20

Early birds : €7 (limited in number & time)

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