Mec Yek Quartet

as replacement act for postponed concert 3'Ain!

The scheduled concert of 3'Ain is being postponed due to personal reasons. But don't worry, we have found a fantastic replacement act, brought to you by the artist collective Choux de Bruxelles: Mec Yek will be performing as a quartet. For this special occasion, the band will consist of the talented Ledeberg branch, featuring Katia and Milka Pohodkova on vocals, Mattias Laga on saxophone and clarinets, along with Piet Maris on accordion.

During the performance, you can expect to hear both old and new songs, including tracks from the EPs Caravan 2000 (from 1999!) and Caravan 2002 (from 2002), as well as from the albums AntKrisis (2008), SuperDiverCity (2015), and Taisa (2021). Who knows, there might even be some new songs debuted. Get ready for an unforgettable evening filled with musical highlights! The postponed concert will take place later in the fall, on October 24, 2023.