Mo & Grazz


Challenging marriage between Soul, R&B and Hip-hop

Mo&Grazz is the musical partnership between husband and wife Monique Harcum (Les Nubians) and Wim Verbrugghe (aka DJ Grazzhoppa). After getting to know each other through Zap Mama, they have been making a tight but refined mix of Soul, R&B and Hip-hop since 2005. De Standaard once wrote the following about this impressive duo: “Mo & Grazz are unique in Flanders. Their debut Fallin' upon def ears is the very first authentic black soul album with international allure from our region. The sound of the duo is very American - singer Monique Harcum is from Philadelphia - and very different from similar Belgian bands, who often take a rather clumsy approach to funk”.

A whole summer of Movies & Music with an audience … under the canopy of ENTR!

De Centrale is organizing a new edition of The Canopy Sessions from July 1 to August 26. This year we are going for a combination of film screenings (on Wednesday in august) and concerts (on Thursday in july and august). For the films we work together with Cinemobiel. Beautiful professional projection where everyone can put on their own headphones (so that the neighbors don't have to worry). Programmer Cedric De Bock and guest programmer Owen Perry Weston (*) once again provided an equally beautiful concert series as last year. The concerts start quite early so the neighbors shouldn't worry too much here either.
The performances are free. Come join us and enjoy ... at last!