funk, soul & jazz 'the Ostend Way'

Prepare for impact when Shoreline Collective (fka Shore Shot) comes ashore, because as the name suggests, this collective has its origins on the Belgian coast.
In genuine “Ostend style” the musicians bring together rhythmic elements from funk, soul, jazz and turntablism. Add the sultry voice of Frie Maline and the crisp raps of MC Mastakush on top of that, and you get the eclectic, danceable sound of Shoreline Collective.
The release of a first EP 'Conquest' was planned in May 2020, but unfortunately the corona pandemic got in the way. The band then produced a 'do it yourself' video version of the song 'Everything We Do'. The long-awaited EP was finally released in February 2021, together with a livestream concert in musi club De Zwerver in Leffinge. The musical conquest of the mainland can now really take a new start!