The legendary ‘Skyblasters’ are excited again! Reggaeblood from Ghent after all IS thicker than water! During the ‘80’s no stage was safe for Skyblasters and the albums and the related national and international tours followed one another at express pace.  Older, more mature and wiser, the brothers try a more acoustic approach. Today, Skyblasters are a propulsing  bass, a cajón, some flamenco, African percussion, a hint of gypsy atmosphere,  a scrap toasting in a rub- a-dub style and of course still the foundations of a bunch old and new reggaesongs. Veterans on the stage are Edward Buadee, Joris Angenon, Peter Heylbroeck , Johan Heyerick, Prince Far Out and  Jackie De Clercq. Mr. President (pdw), sits with a Duvel in his hand on a cloud and looking down approvingly on them. Martijn Bal is a worthy replacement on the cajòn. Be swept away by the vibes & the riddim van Skyblasters!

Today Seekaman is the Ghent-Ghanaian regaeband by excellence. Recently Seekaman astonished in De Centrale when they were the support program of MZBEL . From their home base Ghent, this cheerful Ghanaian band makes the weather. Not surprisingly with such name: after all, Seekaman means “land of Gold”. From the first notes on, Seekaman effortlessly succeeds to make the public bounce up. To sit still on this cheerful music is absolutely impossible. Seekaman bings a mix of Reggae, Afrikaanse Highlife and Soukos.  Ready for a party?