Fri.29.MarTurbine Hall

★ Trio Düş, Erkan Çanakçı, Cüneyt Gürenç & Çetin Akdeniz


TRIO DÜŞ | The colours of the bağlama

Bağlamaconcert by three teachers from İTÜ, the Technical University of Istanbul: Deniz Güneş, Erhan Uslu and Cenk Öztürk sing songs with accompaniment of cello and various instruments from the bağlama family.

Deniz Güneş: bağlama, tanbura & vocals
Erhan Uslu: tanbura, divan & vocals
Cenk Öztürk: cello


Erkan Çanakçı & Cüneyt Gürenç

Erkan Çanakçı is specialist in playing bağlama  without plectrum and "şelpe techniek".

Erkan Çanakçi: bağlama & vocals
Cüneyt Gürenç: bağlama & vocals


Çetin Akdeniz

One of the most famous bağlama players from Turkey. He dominates the traditional bağlama techniques like no other and is a much sought after musician for concerts and
recordings in Turkey.

Çetin Akdeniz: bağlama


De Centrale organizes ,  in cooperation with the Istanbul Conservatory (İTÜ or İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi) and Het MuzikantenHuis van Ghent, a bağlama festival for the third time. The program includes concerts, workshops and master classes with both masters and young talents from Turkey and Belgium.

The bağlama, often called 'saz' by us, is an ancient string instrument from the lute family. The bağlama is one of the most popular instruments in the traditional folk scene of Turkey. No folk dance from Anatolia or folk song from the rich Alevi tradition without the graceful 'neckline', as the instrument is also called. The instrument has 'tied' wires ('bağlamak' means 'to bind') ferrets that are movable according to the scale in which the music is written. The 'saz' can be played with both the plectrum and the fingers. Since 2015 you can also learn bağlama in a number of Flemish music schools.