Thu.09.MayTurbine Hall


Dare to Dream, Droppin' Beats & Raisin' Vibes

7:00 pm . Data x Rhythm Naturals. #dance

Rhythm Naturals dance into the realm of artificial intelligence, simultaneously exploring its impact on our daily lives. Step into their world and discover how we as humans continue to evolve amidst staggering AI technology.

7:30 pm . Samoerai XL

Samurai (Sam Durnez) has been gracing the stage for two decades. His track record is impressive, with numerous projects under his belt. His style is imbued with thoughtful and profound lyrics, aiming to convey a message. He absorbs the world and his own experiences, then spits them out in metaphors, tight rhyme schemes, and a clear message: that we are one. His music revolves around a love for music, each other, and life.

For this concert, Samurai will be accompanied by DJ Grazzhoppa (Wim Verbrugghe), Saimn-I (Simon Decante), Tim Wulleman, Sara Moonen and Tradd (Joseph McBurton).

Expect profound lyrics wrapped in an instrumental explosion of flavors.

8:30 pm . DJ Dysfunkshunal. Scratching/Turntablism Demo

DJ Dysfunkshunal is a leading turntablist in Belgium, renowned for his unique blend of hip-hop, trap, R&B, dancehall, afrobeat, soul & funk.  As a member of the Killa Tactics DJ crew, he has competed in world championships in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London & Amsterdam, where he won major competitions and became vice-world champion twice. He has performed at festivals such as Fire Is Gold, WeCanDance, Lokerse Feesten, Les Ardentes, and has toured in over 20 countries. He has collaborated with hip-hop legend KRS-One and served as the tour DJ for Safi & Spreej. He produces beats for national and international artists and received a gold record for his work on the track "Zes In de Ochtend" by rapper Dikke.

9:00 pm . Gentertainment + Leblanco

Gentertainment ft. Gent x Vila Cruzeiro

Music serves as the ultimate bonding agent to support and encourage (Ghent) youth both artistically and socially. Whether you sing, rap, produce, DJ, or play an instrument, at Gentertainment, everything revolves around your passion and talent. What drives you as an artist? What do you want to achieve? And above all, what do you need to accomplish your goals? The answers lie in your hands...

Gentertainment promises not only a musical spectacle but also an inspiring journey where your passion and talent take center stage. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of young people celebrating their creativity and individuality. Welcome to the world of Gentertainment, where the future of your artistic journey begins!

During this 7th edition, the spotlight will once again shine on a colorful collection of young talent, with special guests the Brazilian youth from the project Gent X Vila Cruzeiro.


Leblanco, born in Amsterdam's Bijlmer but now calling Antwerp home, has rap running through his veins. His track 'Nokia' brought him local fame, resulting in over 3 million streams. He loves a mysterious touch and always appears masked. With his hard-hitting flow, trap beats, and personal lyrics, he strikes a chord with his audience. In short: Leblanco is one of Belgium's most exciting hip-hop artists at the moment.

Org. vzw Jong in collaboration with De Centrale


Thursday 09 May 2024

doors . 6:30


  • LeBlanco
  • Gentertainment ft. Gent X Vila Cruzeiro
  • Samoerai XL
  • DJ Dysfunkshunal
  • Rhythm Naturals x Data



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