Jovanka Steele, Lander Severins, Frank Boddin & suprise acts

THE COMEDY HAREM #12 (the last one!)

Thee Comedy Harem offers, as always, a nice mixture of divers humor talent. Sometimes dry, sometimes musical, but always charming and funny. Master of ceremony is the singer-songwriter from Ghent , Frank Bodin. Of course he brings a handful of valued guests.

Jovanka Steele put her first comedy steps in Dutch in De Centrale. In the meantime, her Dutch has become so good that she has become a regular customer in, among other things, the afternoon news of "Nieuwe Feiten" on Radio 1, where she gives her fresh look at current affairs. In the Comedy Harem, this Flemish-American comedy lady will premiere  what new comedy material she has to offer.

Lander Severins has a history with De Centrale as well. As one of the youngest participants of the talentshow “Voor de leeuwen” on één, he made up camp in De Centrale for weeks and surprised friend, foe and Bart Peeters with his sympathetic, mischievous humor. His legendary – “Lander op een ander”- films, in which he, among others, goes in search of the birth house of Urbanus in Italy, are still fresh in the memory. In this Comedy Harem he does “something with music” and since he has a lot of musical projects, it can only be a nice treat !

Of course the Comedy Harem also offers unannounced surprises every time, but you'll see that on the night itself!

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