Sat.18.MarTurbine Hall

Nowruz 2023 w/ Norou Ensemble

New day, new hope

Nowruz, one of the oldest and most important New Year celebrations in Iran, Afghanistan and numerous other Central Asian countries, heralds the beginning of spring. The word Nowruz means "new day", return of light. During Nowruz, all people are equal regardless of their race, religion or gender. For a brief moment, day and night, darkness and light, become equal in length and make peace. On Saturday, March 18, we celebrate Nowruz with a concert by the Norou Ensemble, dedicated to the women who fight for their rights and freedom. Despite the painful events in two important Nowruz countries (in Iran, women are obliged to wear a headscarf, and in Afghanistan they are no longer even allowed to go to school), we still want to celebrate New Year this year in order to bring a small bright spot to the world. create darkness. After all, supporting each other, solidarity and connection are core values of Nowruz. In addition, it symbolizes overcoming dark days and difficult times.

Norou Ensemble

Milad Mohammadi. tar, oud and compositions
Amin Azzi. voice and tanbur
Pourya Jaberi. daf

In the hall, work will be shown by the Iranian artist Maryam Salamat, together wit a Haft sin table, with the 7 typical Persian ingredients on the occasion of Nowruz.

The Nowruz 2023 program was created in close collaboration with Sohrab Jabbari and with support from the Belmundo Festival.


saturday 18 march 2023

doors 7:00 pm
concert 8:00 pm

presale €13
presale w/Uitpas, -18y. & groups €10
box office €16
opportunity rate €3,20

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