The Boat Band

The Boat band Sessions #1

In 2016, the Reno boat docked in Ghent and served as a reception center for refugees. Inspirator Thomas Noël gathered a few musicians among them in De Centrale and started weekly sessions. Over time, other musicians with a migration background also joined and The Boat Band was born. In changing line-ups, the group experiments with a repertoire that partly consists of their own work and idiosyncratic arrangements of music from the musicians' home countries.

The Boat Band has come a long way in the meantime, with concerts and collaborations with various (social) artistic projects.

On 31/01, 07/03, 04/04 and 02/05/2023, four The Boat Band sessions will be presented in a small changing line-up in ENTR.

On June 10th we present THE BOAT BAND XL in concert at De Centrale itself. You will soon find more information and tickets on our website and social media channels.

This first of four Boat Band Sessions falls right in the Week of Belgian Music, which is a nice bonus for everyone!

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