The Boat Band XS Sessions

In 2016, the Reno boat docked in Ghent and served as a reception center for refugees. Thomas Noël gathered some musicians among them in De Centrale and started weekly jam sessions. Over time, other musicians with a migration background joined and The Boat Band was born. In varying line-ups, the group experiments with a repertoire that partly consists of their own work and idiosyncratic arrangements of music from the musicians' home countries.

The Boat Band has come a long way since then, with concerts and collaborations with various (social) artistic projects.

On 31/01, 07/03, 04/04 and 02/05/2023 we present in ENTR 4 free The Boat Band sessions in a changing XS line-up.

On June 10th we will present a THE BOAT BAND XL concert in De Centrale itself. You will soon find more information and tickets on our website and social media channels.

Meet 'The Boat Band XS' #3 ...