Sun.18.NovBasement Hall



-"Tulip relates" is a performance by Hilde De Clercq (narration, vocals, oriental percussive) & Osama Abdulrasol (qanoen, projections) for children aged 6 to 11 and their families

In Istanbul there is a museum that is a bit dangerous (but exciting). There is a book that can absorb people and abduct them. Come and see, and let yourself be taken to a magical world full of color and sounds.Do not be afraid, tulip will get you back in one piece.

... about the purple violet that got its color from the shoe cleaner's box, the tulip that is the dervish skirt in her free time, the olive tree that would be old enough to see my grandfather's grandfather still go to school,

This ninth edition of the Istanbul Ekspres festival is again as diverse as the city itself. All facets are included in the program. The vibrant life of the metropolis in the songs of Can Bonomo, Kalben and Göksel. The nostalgia for Istanbul in the 1930s, when the lounges flourished, in the music of Gaye Su Akyol. The exuberant partying and dancing during the Fasil evening. The rich Ottoman tradition at Incesaz and the melting pot of cultures in the festival production Bright Bridges, in which Turkish, Romanian and Belgian musicians find each other. The life of a metropolis tailored to a music stage. Music that moves, touches and makes people dance. Hoşgeldiniz!