Shalan Alhamwy

Violinists (including viola players) who wish to delve into Middle Eastern music can enroll in this course. The Middle Eastern violin course approaches the music tradition from various perspectives: scales (makams) and ornamentations are explained and practiced in detail, allowing students to experience the elements of authentic sound. Additionally, improvisation (taksim) is emphasized, often relying on auditory learning. Therefore, it is recommended that participants already have some proficiency in playing the violin.

Shalan Alhamwy studied both classical and Arabic music. He performs with numerous ensembles such as Olla Vogala, Liqa', and Damast Duo, and he also leads various groups including Jiraan and Picea Orientalis. His compositions are performed worldwide, and he has collaborated with renowned Arabic artists such as Fairouz, Marcel Khalifa, and Rima Kcheich.

If you have any doubts about your level, please contact us before registering.


Tuesday from 6:00 pm

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Cost (30 Lessons)

€150 (standard)
€ 135 (UitPas)
€ 120 (under 26 and unemployed)
€ 90 (under 13)
€ 30 (opportunity rate)

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