Sadig Gibril

The oud is known as the queen of Arabian string instruments. The instrument has a pear-shaped body, a short-set neck and 11 strings (5 doubles and 1 single), and is played with a long narrow plectrum. The oud is one of the oldest (stringed) instruments still actively played today (the oldest images of the oud date from ca. 3000 BC). We work both auditively and with scores.

Sadig Gibril is from Sudan. In 1999 he obtained his master's degree in music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven. In addition, he has been teaching oed in De Centrale since 1996. He brings a musical repertoire that is loosely based on virtuoso classical Arabic and Sudanese music.


Tuesday from 5:00 pm
(group lesson . all levels)

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Cost (30 Lessons)

€150 (standard)
€ 135 (UitPas)
€ 120 (under 26 and unemployed)
€ 90 (under 13)
€ 30 (opportunity rate)